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Working outdoors throughout northern Michigan, Steve is able to capture the organic surroundings as a first-hand experience through the Plein Air process.  Within his Good Hart studio, Steve is able to offer time to specify details not necessarily available on-site.  Working ambidextrously, Steve creates without the aid of his glasses as he feels the glasses act as a hindrance in magnifying the emotions of the scene, and thus creating a microscopic detail of the situation.

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Steve’s abstracts are often re-worked numerous times to achieve final effects.  Some paintings have taken years to complete by adding color, texture and thus changing the view and attention of a painting.  Recent abstract works are acrylic with specific color combinations thrown, dripped and splattered in several layers with glaze overlays.  Pieces of acrylic paint are embedded then scrapped and sanded to reveal the merged forms underneath.  This archeological-dig approach results in an exploratory feeling by nature where the layers are exposed.

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